Asmax Enterprises was established with the key objective of serving customers in overseas recruitment sector. The main areas we focus our business is Recruitment, Training,Emigration Clearence,Attestation of certificates by various Consulate/Embassy,Visa Endorsements,Trade Test facilities etc.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as a reputed business company and the reputation we have achieved is because of our corporate philosophy, i.e. the most professional timely service. Since the establishment we have become the primary provider of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is always above all and we would like to cater better services to our overseas clients. As we are one of the highly recognized organizations in this field, from this prospective also it is proved that we have an immeasurable h dedication on whatsoever we undertake.

We do not restrict our offers to various industries , in sourcing professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. Besides, our associates are trained to provide career related advice to all our candidates.

We have huge computerised active database readily available with us to substantially utilize for instant identification of the RIGHT CANDIDATES for

  • Automotive Industry
  • Air Conditioning Industry
  • Aviation / Airline Industry
  • Construction Sector
  • Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC Engineers/Technicians
  • Fabrication, Piping, Welding, Scaffolding, Insulation
  • Heavy Equipment Industries/ Engineering Industry/HE Operator
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Health Professionals ( Physicians,Doctors, Nurses,Biomedical Engineers )
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Transport Industry ( HD/LD Drivers, Mechanics ) and many more industries.

SERVICE QUALITIES : The following are our service qualities that we promise to offer our clients effectively, efficiently and economically :

  • Botheration-free transaction.
  • Comfortable care to Foreign Representatives.
  • 100% quality & satisfied Workers' Assistance.
  • High frequency of assurance.
  • Highly responsive behavior.
  • Homely and friendly dealings.
  • International standard services.
  • Legality & system based processes and procedures.
  • Promptness.
  • Punctuality & Regularity.
  • Suggestive and Corrective atmosphere .